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Pădure, I. Dubinina, A. Ribin, O. Cuznetova, M. Zicov, E. Bachman, I. Gladun, I. Burebista, 93, bir.

Marius Tiparul a fost executat la Tipografia Reclama sub Comanda nr. Chişinău, str. Alexandru cel Bun Ivanov D. Key words: SIRS systemic inflammatory response syndromehypoergic, hyperergic variants of neonatal sepsis.


A survey of 94 infants of the first week of life was made. The group of comparison was fatburner kurs benefit by 23 newborns with acute pneumonia.

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On the bases of obtained data patterns of 2 lab-clinical variants of the SIRS were suggested. Pattern SIRS in hypoergic variant of sepsis is a deficient condition with prevalence of proteases in the spectrum of mediators against hypothyroidism of septic genesis. Pattern SIRS in hyperergic variant of sepsis is a cytokine storm with maintained hormonal provision of protein-synthetic processes and immunity.

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Systemic inflammatory response syndrome- sirs is the pathogenetic basis of sepsis [1]. The neonatal SIRS developd in particular immunological status of newborn, birth stress and more often in premature i.

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Years of research in the field of neonatal sepsis led us to the conclusion that there are at least 2 variants of sepsis. Initially by complex survey of children on 27 hemostatic parameters we were able to identify objective criteria to differentiate two patterns of DIC - decompensated and overcompensate for neonatal sepsis [2].


Comparison of these data with the full range of clinical and laboratory data made it possible to formulate the concept of 2 clinical-laboratory variants of neonatal sepsis, hypoergic and hyperergic []. The aim of this study was to formulate a pattern fatburner kurs benefit 2 clinical-laboratory variants of SIRS in neonatal sepsis fatburner kurs benefit the basis of acute phase proteins spectrum, immunological parameters, hormonal profile, indixes fatburner kurs benefit cellular reactivity.

This fact would help to create an 3 4 appropriate patterns of blood in combination with the previously formulated pattern of DIC- syndrome.

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We examined 71 newborns with sepsis occurred in the first week of life in the dynamics of pathological process from 2 to 14 times. A comparison group was comprised by infants with neonatal pneumonia - 23 children.

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Normative data for all hemostatic parameters were obtained and published previously [6]. Research methods included the determination of platelet hemostasis: platelet count and assessment of their functional activity, studied by two methods: microscopic and using aggregometer.

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Platelet counts were determined by two methods: phase-contrast microscopy and in some cases with an automatic counter. All parameters of coagulation hemostasis were determined using reagents of Behring company Germany.

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C and high molecular kininogen CMC were determined by enzymatic method. Determination of factor XIII was assessed by stability of the clot in the monochloroacetic acid.

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The content of degradation products of fibrin and fibrinogen FDP were examined by semiquantitative agglutination of staphylococci. Determination of immunoglobulin in the serum was performed by radial immunodiffusion Mancini G.